How to wear Adidas festive?

“Can you see the sunset real good on the West side? You can see it on the East side too.” 
S.E. HintonThe Outsiders


As the festival season is on, together with Adidas we decided to give you some inspirations or ideas for outfits for such a special time. Everyone are excited for Opener or Coachella, but are they waiting to see their favourite artists or just to participate in this little fashion show? That's the question I'm always askin myself while watching all snapchats or instagram stories of people more focused on great shot than great music. If you're more inclined towards the fashion aspect of this gig here's something for you. Tryin to get some California vibes in Warsaw I combined long Adidas sweatshirt in one of the hotest colors this season with little carrot style jeans and my currently fave sneakers from .... ZARA ( they look so Saint Laurent though ).


Sweatshirt : Adidas
Jeans : Moschino
Sneakers: Zara


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