Does a healthy diet have to be a torture?

“Just think of all those women on the Titanic who said, 'No thank you' to desert that night. And for what?!” 

How many times have you heard (either among friends or from starbucks ladies whoes conversation you’ve evesdropped) that phrase ~ “ohh no, I can’t eat that, I’m ON A DIET” ~. It always makes me laugh, not only because most times speaker refuses to have a classic cola to his fatty burger set and demands a cola zero insted, but also When people associate a word “diet” only with loosing weight. Not every diet has to be strict and not every diet causes a weight loss. You can actually just eat healthy to keep you in shape and simply to feel better. Nowadays when all of us live in such a rush, and every meal has to be a „take away”, it can be a pretty hard quest. I’ve decided to try something new to help me follow a „healthy way of eating”; perfect for people, like myself, who don’t have time to cook at home. These are three simple ways how to do this „healthy thing” effortlessly: 

 1. Detox! 

Our bodies gather toxins which make us feel like “sh*t”: we don’t have any energy, our skin looks awfull, we dont have will to do anything, we suffer from head aches etc... All of these are caused by wrong food choices, all that transfats from fastfoods and other E stuff which producents serve us. To start our healthy life we have to get rid of them and there is an easy way to do this by using right juices. Every half a year I decide to challange myself with 3 days of a detox diet. This time I’ve ordered subscription from The Cold Pressed Juices. They have three different levels for “detox challange players”: basic, intermediate and advanced. As I’m self-proclaimed veteran at this field I’d chosen the last one. Every morning you receive juices for the whole day ( there are 5 of them ) and you simply drink it instad of proper meals. Products will provide you with every minerals your body needs so you dont have to worry about anything. Trust me after these 3 hard days you will notice a huge difference not only in your weight but also in your well-being. 

2. Food Boxes 

I’m a pretty busy person, I don’t have much time to make 5 properly balanced meals for the wole day. Some time ago I’d heard about catering which provides you with well prepared food every morning. Well, it sounded like a solution for all my eating problems, so I decided to give it a try. After few days of subscription all I can say is - it is not woth the money. Boxes are well prepared, more so they even look pretty tasty but not every meal meets my preferences and comfort of eating from the box is not something you can bare for a long time. Sure you dont have to care what to cook everyday or if you’ve done shopping and have sth in the fridge, but is not having any say in what you eat an adventage? Food Boxes are great step towards having a healthy diet. Moreover, you can try some nicea and interesting recipies you would have never ordered otherwise, but It’s a temporary option. 

3. Restaurants

Finding some healthy restaurants as a replacement for Mc is a remedy for people living fast lives. Most of places offer you special deals for breakfast and lunches which are sometimes even cheaper than the ones made at home. So perhaps, it is the best way to keep your health and well-being in check. And... it doesn’t have to be pricy. I’ve made a reaserch for you and here are some places that offer healthy food under 20 zł :

1) Krowarzywa - ul.Hoża 29/31
2) The Cold Pressed Juices - ul.Zgoda 3
3) Frankies - ul.Nowy Świat 6/12
4) Shipudei Berek - ul. Jasna 24
5) Pełną Parą - ul.Sienna 76


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